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Ira Anoa'i
Nickname Finn Balor
Status Alive
Reddit Username that-jennings-lad
Personal Information
Birthday September 3rd
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weight 205 lbs
Professional Information
Guild Rabbit's Foot
Mage Abilities
Primary Magic Titan Magic
Secondary Magic TBD


Name: Ira Anoa'i

Nicknames: Finn Balor

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Single



Weight:205 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: White

Skin: Caucasian

Body type: Athletic

Without Demon Paint:

With Demon Paint:


Due to the nature of his magic, he attempts to overcompensate the scary nature of his magic by being overly nice. He’s always willing to help anyone with any job really. The people that know him will know his demon appearance is purely cosmetic, used to protect himself and built notoriety for himself. Despite this, he does tend to change his personality a little while his demon paint is donned, really living the part. Appearing from the darkness, he tends to use his magic to grow the demon appearance to scary sizes to scare people off. He does not associate with his name while he is in public to avoid the removal of the fear of the Demon.


Amongst the citizens of Magnolia Town there is a local legend known as "The Demon". The Demon is known to be incredibly aggressive and has been the blame of multiple murders around town. Thanks to this, nobody normal dares to bother the Demon. In truth, The Demon is actually Ira, who paints his face and chest and uses his Titan Magic to increase his size and scare people. Engaged in psychological warfare, he uses this reputation to gain advantages in town by claiming the Demon is coming and people never question him. For anyone who has been in Magnolia Town for longer than say, 4 weeks, would have heard of the Demon in some way.

Magic and Spells[]

Primary Magic: Titan Magic[]

Secondary Magic: N/A[]

Titans Growth
Name Titans Growth
Type Titan Magic/Utility
Cooldown 4 turn CD on single use
Range         Melee

One of the caster’s limbs grow 500% from their normal size giving increased (25-30%) damage and damage resistance to that limb while slightly lowering movement speed of the affected limb.

Titan Form
Name Titan Form
Type Titan Magic/Utility
Cooldown One use per combat
Range         Personal

For 10 Turns the caster is 300% larger. A 2 meter tall OC would be 8 meter-ish tall at this point. Their body grows proportionately over the course of 1 turn after casting and gain increased damage/damage resistance while experiencing a slowing effect as their mass is larger. (This spell increases the size of the caster each time it is leveled up ultimately resulting in an OC that is 20-25 meters tall with a massive increase to damage/damage resist)

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